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Amycel and Spawn Mate have been serving the Mushroom Industry in North and South America since the late 1970’s.  Combined with the Biotechnical Research and Development Group, the companies collectively serve the world wide mushroom industry by providing a combination of products and services required by mushroom growers.

Amycel is the company you can depend on to help you grow the best. For increased productivity, the consistency you need and the quality you demand, Amycel delivers.

Spawn Mate pioneered the idea of using delayed release nutritional supplements in mushroom culture. Now, the industry pioneer offers you a choice of supplements, each one tailored to fit your specific growing needs.





Amycel is the industry leader in strain development, and sells two popular proprietary brown hybrid Agaricus bisporus strains. Amcyel offers a wide variety of white Agaricus bisporus strains available for sale. We have a strain to suit your growing needs.

Spawn Carriers

Mushroom spawn is produced on three substrates: millet grain, Exxpress and Onyxx. Exxpress and Onyxx are Amycel’s high-performance spawns, and are carefully formulated for faster colonization and protection from Trichoderma Green Mold. Our premium casing spawn, PAC, is also available.   


Spawn Mate is the industry leader for delayed release nutritional supplement. We offer supplements formulated for both traditional and organic production. All or our supplements are produced in the USA.